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The GLPA is a proud supporter of the PACE and PCC/CORE certifications offered by NFPA and encourages all its members to take either exam. To help paralegals achieve their goal of becoming a PACE registered paralegal (RP) or CORE Registered Paralegal (CRP), the GLPA has a Certification Ambassador to assist any paralegal with the application process, study groups and continuing legal education. Please contact our Certification Ambassador, Heather Purnell, at

GLPA Registered Paralegals List

What is PACE?

PACE = Paralegal Advanced Competency Exam

Paralegals receive two major benefits by taking PACE. The exam provides a fair evaluation of the competencies of paralegals across practice areas and creates a professional level of expertise by which all paralegals can be evaluated.

PACE presents a bold opportunity to all paralegals to advance the profession. This exam provides hard facts about the competency of experienced paralegals. While PACE does not address all the issues of regulation, including certification and licensing, it does provide the legal service industry with an option to evaluate the competency level of experienced paralegals.

As members of a self-directed profession, all paralegals should consider the vital role the profession performs within the legal service industry. PACE is independently monitored and well-structured. PACE provides test results across practice areas and, possibly, state-specific laws. While the test is offered on a voluntary basis, all experienced paralegals are encouraged to sit for the exam.

NFPA is committed to ensuring the paralegal profession responds to the changing needs of the public and legal service industry. In voting to develop PACE, NFPA’s membership took a bold step toward addressing the future issues facing the profession.

What is PCC/Core?

The Paralegal Core Competency Exam (PCC) will test the knowledge, skills and ability of individuals who are working as paralegals or just entering the profession. The format and length of the exam will be based on results gathered from a scientifically prepared task analysis, which will take into account coursework in paralegal programs, as well as actual skills considered essential to basic competency in the profession. The exam will also include sections on law office technology and ethics. It is intended to distinguish the competency of those who successfully complete the exam from other paralegals who do not bear the credential. For more information see the PCCE-Exam-Pamphlet.



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